“Use a picture. It is worth a thousand words.”

– Arthur Brisbane –

By using images we can very effectively communicate our thoughts to others. We also process this kind of information quickly and attach emotions and memories into the interpretation process. If we want to explain a solution to our problem, we can sketch it much faster than describe it by using only words. Surely a combination of images and words is the most efficient way but will require less verbal explanation as others will get the picture more easily with the help of the images. Got the picture?

Visual design thinking


Design thinking utilises visual tools throughout the process as it is easier to work together and share ideas and thoughts with others through visualisation. Whether it is a poster, a mind map, drawings, a story board or just random words on a paper, it is easier to grasp the concept with just one glance. 


As with visual tools less words are needed and the information can be packed effectively, it is also easier to build on the ideas as you can, for example, connect separate pieces by drawing lines or arrows.

To be able to visualise your message does not require advanced artistic skills but just some courage and playfulness to get started. Start from the very basics: a line, a square, a circle, a triangle and a dot. These will already take you very far as by combining them, you can sketch almost anything you want.